Privacy is an essential prerequisite for forming relationships. We believe relationships are what take a small business to a thriving company, therefore all personal information is confined and excluded from all persons outside of management.



With todays oversaturated detailing market, it is fair to say most think that any level of detail is quite simply just a detail. Therefore, cost becomes the ultimate deciding factor in choosing the right company for the greatest level of service. However, this thought becomes a barrier in receiving top-notch service and experience. We at Immaculate Essence strive for QUALITY over QUANTITY. Our pursuit of perfection and years of experience ultimately illustrate the definition of “you get what you pay for”.
"There are detailers, and then there is Immaculate Essence."


Immaculate Essence offers Pick-Up and Drop-Off services for all of our detail services and is fully Licensed & Insured. 

We take tremendous pride in exceptional quality with every vehicle we Detail, every Paint Correction we perform and every Coating Treatment we undertake. Using only the best polishes & products, the latest buffers and polishers & top of the line paint protection coatings, we care for your vehicle with a level of automotive expertise unmatched by other shops in Oregon.

                     -Immaculate Essence Team                     

A Higher Standard

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